Welcome to Real Estate Advisory Services
Kenneth Saundry Jr. Brings 40 years of Experience and Expertise to Each Court-Appointed Receiver Assignment.

Real Estate Advisory Services (REAS) provides professional court-appointed receivership services, including asset oversight and management, day to day property management, accurate record keeping and the ultimate disposition of assets where required by the courts.

Mr. Kenneth Saundry, Jr. is the principal Receiver for REAS. He brings 40 years of experience and expertise to each Court-Appointed Receiver Assignment.  Mr. Saundry and his team at Real Estate Advisory Services seek to secure and stabilize each property. Following the direction of the Court, they work independently of all other parties, directing their efforts to the maximum protection of the value and condition of the assets involved in each assignment. Their normal approach is basic and direct:

  1. Comply with the Court orders specific to the duties and responsibilities of each Receiver assignment
  2. Inspect and evaluate the property and assets
  3. Full and complete reporting and information management
  4. Organize and keep accurate records
  5. Within the available Resources and Budget, take and direct all actions as a prudent and conservative property manager or representative

Please visit “About Us ” to learn information, experience and background about the Real Estate Advisory Services team.

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