Kenneth Saundry, Jr. brings over 40 years of business and real estate management experience.

In assignments as a Court-appointed Receiver, this ‘hands-on’ experience enables the Real Estate Advisory Services team to work effectively and professionally with a wide range of people, services and disciplines. They easily work with: bankers, attorneys and engineers, contractors, property managers, maintenance personnel and various governmental agencies. In addition, when it is appropriate, the Real Estate Advisory Services team has working relationships with a wide team of contractors, consultants and professional services to handle and work through any of the range issues which can arise in the course of overseeing and managing an assigned property.

In a Court-appointed Receiver assignment, Mr. Saundry and his team seek to secure and stabilize each property. They direct their efforts to the maximum protection of the value and condition of the assets involved in each assignment. Their normal approach is basic and direct:

  1. Inspect and evaluate the property and assets
  2. Full and complete reporting and information
  3. Organize and keep accurate records
  4. Within the available Resources and Budget, take and direct all actions as a prudent and conservative property manager or representative
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