Our Services

Ken Saundry, Jr. is the Principal of Real Estate Advisory Services. Mr. Saundry has been active in direction of all phases of the Real Estate Business, since 1978. His extensive "hands on" experience over this 40+ years gives Mr. Saundry Excellent Qualifications for consulting and professional services, including:

  • Court Appointed Receiver or Trustee
  • Property Management
  • Asset Management of Real Estate Portfolios
  • Turnarounds and Workouts
  • Creative "Visioning" Repositioning and Restructuring Deals and Developments (Win/Win possibilities)
  • Development and Construction Management
  • Oversight to Complete Site and Infrastructure Development
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Property Management

Mr. Saundry has actively directed and managed operations on properties in his own portfolio, as well as those owned and operated under the Management of Saundry Associates, Inc., since 1978. On each assignment, we:

  • Do or have done a complete inspection of the property
  • Complete a List of Recommendations and Action
  • Work within Available Resources
  • Keep our eyes focused on Preserving and Building Long Term Value
  • Manage and Direct each property, as if it was Our Own.

Turnarounds and Workouts, Creative "Visioning, "
Repositioning Deals & Developments, "Win/Win" Possibilities

On these types of assignments, many years of experience, across a broad spectrum of properties and uses come into play. In addition, Mr. Saundry and REAS has contact and experience with a wide range of Professionals, Consultants, Engineers, Contractors, Real Estate and Marketing experts. Any or all of these resources are available to Help us "Turn Lemons into Lemonade" ...

Development and Construction Management,
Oversight to Complete Site and Infrastructure Development

For properties and assignments where construction is started, or partially completed, Mr. Saundry's 40+ years of real estate development experience are invaluable. When decided as a part of a coordinated plan and approach, Mr. Saundry and a team of well chosen consultants and contractor(s) can direct, execute and complete Construction, Finishouts, Modifications or Tenant Improvements.

Our experience can cover anything from a single family home, up to 300+ acre - Multi-phase, Commercial, Residential or Mixed Use, Business Park or Industrial Projects.

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